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35 Internet Jokes That Any Computer Nerd Will Completely Understand

jokes about internet and computer
  • Soon bundled together with an internet connection and will be selling related products: sunglasses, duck, rubbing ointment for bedsores
  • Two schoolboys:
    – Why you yesterday was not in school? Where were you?
    – In the opera.
    – So, do you like it?
    – Great browser!
  • Life is a complicated thing: some gave up the slack, and here you already stand browser Amigo and Yandex bar.
  • – OK, Google, I got a call from heaven and said that they had lost the most beautiful browser.
    – Hey, stop it.
  • In the Department of discs.
    – Can I help you?
    – No thanks, I do. Just looking to download more torrents.
  • As long as you think, how to download TV series, on the other part of the world your rovest Nik already holds an actively developing business.
  • If downloading movies still kills Russian cinema, please tell me exactly what to download to surely?
  • – Are you getting married?
    – Thanks to the Internet.
    – Meeting website?
    – No, I go to the theater when the modem is broken.
  • Announcement: 55-year-old woman, mother of three programmers who asks someone to teach her not too nutty Internet.
  • – I like to go to the opera.
    – Wow, you’re so intelligent.
    – Well, maybe, but a standard browser.
  • By signing a contract with the devil, do not forget to remove the check mark from the “Install Yandex Browser.”
  • Half an hour trying to download the book from the Internet, and each second link to the muddled directs. Maybe book something from them?
  • – Contact – a country of miracles. I went for an hour. On the day she disappeared.
    – I Went with brains. Left – no.
  • I’m on the phone for a long time, do not remember, there was a contact named “Hell.” I call them afraid, but sometimes their Happy birthday.
  • Case – time fun – hour Internet – night sleep – no, sorry.
  • Grandma Sarah liked Skype.
    – No, you did see what a thing! And as if we have guests, not to feed.
  • Today I go to bed early, almost closed contact, the last time to check the mail, and here dawns outside
  • The biggest proof of intelligence in the universe – is that with us no one wants to come into contact.
  • The whole world is a computer, and you’re in it – the browser Amigo
  • I’m not saying that we behave correctly, but if the aliens arrive, they come into contact with the dolphins.
  • They fired after pictures posted in touch with corporate parties called “Monsters, Inc.”.
  • Tomorrow exam:
    – Okay Google, download the brains online free
  • Love on the Internet that dinner on the phone.
  • I downloaded Soundtrack Hans Zimmer and went to the store. Now it seems to me that the fate of the world depends on what I choose cheese.
  • Skype came up with the Jews – like as you visit, and feed-water is not necessary.
  • Detailed forecast for tomorrow: – Number of congratulations to the veterans on the Internet – 62871423
    – The number of veterans on the Internet – 0
  • Where to download the Christmas mood?
  • Oh, how wonderful discoveries we promise not to shut down Skype!
  • Bible downloaded on the internet. An update came two days later.
  • Earnings on the Internet – is not a myth! You just sit on the internet and earn asking for money from mom
  • I used to sit for a long time on the Internet.
    I bought a tablet.
    Now I’m lying on the Internet.
  • I take care of your future. I downloaded the episode a month in advance.
  • You’ll never see on the Internet the phrase: “I slept!” because humanity had ceased to sleep just when the Internet appeared.
  • Thanks to the Internet, I learned – to burgers are not burned, they need to fry on low heat. Thanks to the internet my chops were cooked slowly!
  • Sometimes, when I get bored sitting on the Internet, I go to the phone, as if it another, not so annoying internet.