11 Hockey Jokes Only NHL Fans Will Understand

Hockey Jokes

Q: What do you call 23 tycoons lounging around a TV viewing the Stanley Cup playoffs?

A: The Calgary Flames

Q: Why are the Buffalo Sabers like mountain bears?

A: Every fall they go into hibernation.

Q: What do Edmonton Oilers and the Titanic have in like manner?

A: They both look great until they hit the ice!

Q. What do you call a Vancouver Canuck with a Stanley Cup ring?

A. A criminal

Q: What does a Nashville Predators fan do after his group has won the Stanley Cup?

A: He kills the Xbox.

Q: Why are the Ottawa Senators like Canada Post?

A: They both wear regalia and don’t convey!

Q: What do undergrads and the New York Islanders have in like manner?

A: They’ve both completed their year by April.

Q: What’s the distinction between a fat chick and the Florida Panthers?

A: Even a fat chick scores now and then!

Q: What is the distinction between a Maple Leafs fan and a pot gap?

A: I would swerve to maintain a strategic distance from the pot hole!

Q: Why did the Post Office review their most recent stamps?

A: They had pictures of Canucks players on them and individuals couldn’t make sense of which side to spit on.

Q: What is the contrast between an Oilers fan and a child?

A: The child will quit crying after for a moment. A few days ago, when I was watching a bout on TV, a hockey game broke out!

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