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On the off chance that you need to peruse Naughty sms/best Naughty sms then you are at the perfect place as this is one of greater and better accumulation of Naughty sms or portable/instant messages

We as a whole love to spend bunches of cash for purchasing new garments yet, sincerely Did we ever understood that the best circumstances we appreciate are the time we spend without garments!!

A man with 8 children going via prepare. A woman asked: are they your children. Man: No Madam! Really I am the proprietor of a condom organization Furthermore, they are the grievances of my clients.

Syllabus- 80GB We study- 80MB Retains in mind- 80KB Write in an exam- 80Bytes Result cums in binary digits i.e. 00 01 10 11 Kya life hai hamari?

Mallika’s T-shirt had a picture of a CAR MIRROR on it. Guess, what was written on it..Objects behind d mirror r larger than they appear

Grin stops when we close the lips. Dreams closes when we open the eyes Cherish closes when we quit accepting. Be that as it may, kinship closes when we quit Disturbing.. Continue Disturbing.

Never dismiss a young lady in life bcoz a gud young lady gives u Happiness furthermore, terrible young ladies gives u encounter.. Both r fundamental in life…So appreciate each young lady Friend!!!!

Hey Friends feeling bored want to play a puzzle game.. . . . . . . . Just throw your pc or mobile on the wall and start arranging its pieces… and enjoy..

Teacher: 1 Book + 1 Book? Student: 2 Books Teacher: 2 Books + 2 Books? Student: 4 Books Teacher: 61,789,365 Books + 23,678,989 Books?? Student: LIBRARY

A man had “I LOVE YOU” inked on his dick. He went home and gladly demonstrated his better half. “There you go once more, attempting to place words into my mouth”, she said

Here and there circumstance thump at the entryway, different circumstances the thump ruins the open door.

V all spend such a great amount of cash for purchasing garments!!! Be that as it may, the best snapshots of life are appreciated without garments, Quit grinning, Its Childhood…

Dear Customer:u r requested 2 switch off ur mobile To avoid Any burn injuries… the sender of the msg iz a Damn HOT Personality…..

Today’s Titanic’s 94 Anniversary…So Every True Lover is Requested…In Memory of Jack & Rose…To Put Their Mobile Into Water For 2 Minutes!

It takes 15 trees to produce the amount of paper that we use to write one exam. Join us in promoting the noble cause of saving trees. SAY NO TO EXAMS

Kiya ap kay sir per seengh hain? no? r u sure? plz check again. no? ok! no problem sabit hua kay waqie Gadhay kay sir per seengh nahi hotay

When I was a cute child Many ladies wanted to Kiss Me and I allowed them Now I want to Kiss Cute ladies but they don’t allow me Moral:Â Ladies are selfish….

Mera Number 10 May say Offi Ho Jayega because mera visa lag gaya hai. I am going to England for 3 years. Remember me in your prayers. See you around. Miss you All. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kal Raat Yeh Khuwab Aaya Tha

A light can replace dark A success can replace failure A smile can replace pain But nothing can replace YOU . . WHY? . . . . Defective piece No replacement:D

A light can replace dark A success can replace failure A smile can replace pain But nothing can replace YOU . . WHY? . . . . Defective piece No replacement:D

Teachr. Bcho wada kro cigrett shrab nhi pioge. bche:nhi pienge. teachr:larkio ka pecha nhi kroge bche:nhi krnge teachr:un pr awazen nhi kso ge. bche: nhi ksenge. teachr: apni zndgi wtn pr qurban kroge. bche:Â krenge. asi zndgi ka krna bhi kia he.

My Msg 2 da wrld! If u like me, raise your hands .. if not, then raise your standards!!

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Three FASTEST means of Communication : 1. Tele-Phone 2. Tele-Vision 3. Tell to Woman Need still FASTER – Tell her NOT to tell ANYONE..[/box]

Y is”FIRE BRIGADE”Red in color? Answr:FIRE BRIGADE has a Ladder, Ladder has Steps,

if u sneeze once think am missing u if u sneeze 2nd time think i want 2 listen u if u sneeze 3rd time think i want 2 meet u 4th time…. take a tablet PAGAL!!

U r thousands of Killo Meters away from me,Still I’m watching ur every moment by 3 different channels…. 1.NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 2.CARTOON NETWORK 3.ANIMAL PLANET

Think well, Work well, Eat Well, Sleep well, play well also & if u cant SMS me, then throw ur MOBILE inside the same well…….

Tum aik besharam aur zaleel insaan ho! tumhara na to koi character hai na emaan tum jesay log dunia main dil he tortay hain Ye film BUDHA GUJAR ka dialogue hai!

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