Funny Text Jokes to Send a Girl

Funny Text Jokes

Make the most of our accumulation of text jokes, after all that is the thing that they are here for!

Sleep Joke

Rest is my medication… .my bed is my merchant… .and my wake up timer is the police.

Don’t Exaggerate!

On the off chance that I’ve let you know once, I’ve let you know a million times don’t misrepresent!

Swimming Pool Joke

Today a man thumped on my entryway and requested a little gift towards the nearby swimming pool. I gave him a glass of water.

Hypothetical Joke

Imagine a scenario where there were no speculative circumstances.

Bright Joke

Light ventures speedier than sound. This is the reason a few individuals seem splendid until you hear them talk.

Average Joke

A large portion of the general population you know are beneath normal.

Frisbee Joke

I asked why the frisbee was getting greater, and after that it hit me.

Joke About Being Unique

Never forget you’re special, much the same as other people.

Music Joke

On the off chance that the music’s too boisterous you’re excessively old.