Funny Jokes About Heaven

Heaven Jokes

Make the most of our gathering of Heaven jokes, after all that is the thing that they are here for!

Joke About Going To A Psychic After Husband Dies 

Suzie was in solitude. It was two months since her dear Herbie had passed, and she recently couldn’t appear to proceed onward. “Listen here Suzie”, said her great companion Barbara, “possibly you ought to go see a psychic? One of my companions did it after her spouse kicked the bucket and it improved her vibe so much realizing that her dearest was upbeat.” So that is the manner by which, on the following Tuesday, Suzie ended up in a faint room with a precious stone ball and a psychic talking in a quiet voice. “Is he here?” Suzie inquired. “Yes, I sense him,” was her answer. “Would you be able to inquire as to whether he’s glad?” Suzie hesistanly inquired. “He’s putting his hand to his mouth like he needs to smoke” said the psychic. “Goodness, obviously” said Suzie, “he needs a stogie. Herbie can never last all the more then a couple of hours without a stogie. I figure they don’t have stogies up there. Did he say where he is or how I could get one to him?” Questioned Suzie direly. “Well”, said the psychic. “I can’t get that question crosswise over to him. Be that as it may, on the other hand,” said the psychic after a brief delay, “he didn’t say anything in regards to requiring a lighter!”

Dying Fears Joke

Adam woke up all of a sudden, sweating everywhere. “What’s the issue”, asked his wife. “Are you OK?” “I recently imagined that I passed on!” reacted a shaken Adam. “What’s more, it was so terrible up there, and that is the reason you’re sweating all over?” asked his wife. “You wager!” shouted Adam. “I got up there, and was directly before G-d himself, when he all of a sudden wheezed… ..and I didn’t realize what to say to him! Whoa was that traumatic!”

Heaven Joke

A man died and went to The Judgment, they let him know , “Before you meet with God, I ought to let you know — we’ve looked over your life, and to be straightforward you truly didn’t do anything especially great or awful. We’re not by any means beyond any doubt what to do with you. Would you be able to let us know anything you did that can help us settle on a choice?” The recently arrived soul thought for a minute and answered, “No doubt, once I was driving along and happened upon a man who was being annoyed by a gathering of hooligans. So I pulled over, got out a bat, and went up to the pioneer of the hooligans. He was a major, solid person with a ring penetrated through his lip. All things considered, I removed the ring from his lip, and let him know he and his group would do well to quit troubling this person or they would need to manage me!” “Wow that is noteworthy, “When did this happen?” “Around three minutes back,” came the answer.