22 Funny Short Batman Jokes That’ll Make Any DC Fan LOL

Batman Jokes

Q: What do you call it when Batman skips Church?

A: Christian Bale.

Q: What position did Bruce Wayne play on his youth baseball group?

A: He was the bat-kid.

Q: How does Batman’s mom call him to supper?

A: (tune of 1960’s topic) Dinner Batman!!!

Q: Why did Bruce’s date go severely?

A: Because he has BAT breath!

Q: What does Batgirl wear to bed?

A: Her Dark Knight outfit!

Q: What’s the distinction amongst Batman and a looter?

A: Batman can go into a store without Robin!!

Q: What is a Batman’s most beloved part of the joke?

A: The “punch” line!

Q: What does Batman put in his refreshments?

A: Just ice.

Q: When is Joker not plotting a homicide?

A: “When he’s riding his Harley.”!

Q: What do you call a comic book motion picture with no sidekicks?

A: Batman and Robinhood.

Q: what number caped crusaders does it take to change a light?

A: None. They like the dull.

Q: What did Batman say to Robin before they got in the Batmobile?

A: Get in the Batmobile Robin!

Q: Why did Batman flush the latrine?

A: Because it was his obligation!

Q: What is a Batman’s most loved beverage?

A: Fruit punch!

Q: Who gets to the pot of gold first?

A: None, since none of these characters exist.

Q: When does Poison Ivy transform her underpants?

A: When they get dirty!

Q: Whats the contrast amongst Batman and a unicorn?

A: Nothing, they’re both anecdotal characters

Q: What do you get the bat who has everything?

A: What about unmurdered guardians, you douche.

  • Superman took a gander at Bruce Wayne and said: “Quit acting like a bat kid, alright Batman?”
  • Batman doesn’t make New Year’s Resolutions. He ENFORCES them.


Superman was feeling exhausted after a long break of wrongdoing battling and needed to go out and party, o he called Batman to inquire as to whether he needed to go to a club and get a few young ladies. Batman said Robin was sick and he needed to take care of him. Somewhat disillusioned, Superman called Spider-man to check whether required to get a few lagers. Spiderman let him know he had a date with Catwoman. If all else fails, Superman will fly over to Wonderwoman’s condo to check whether she was free. As he arrived on her gallery, he saw Wonder Woman stripped on the bed with her legs open. Superman contemplated internally “I’m speedier than a speeding projectile, I could be in there, engage in sexual relations and out again before she recognized what was occurring.” So Superman did his super thing in a brief moment and takes off cheerfully. Then on the bed, Wonder lady said “Did you hear anything?” “NO”! said the Invisible Man, “However my can harms like damnation!”

Starting a Ruckus

A week after his significant other left him, Jim went out to the neighborhood watering gap. After a long night of drinking, Jim was tossed out of the bar of course. On his way home he recognized a sister strolling not far off. Subsequent to taking a gander at her twice he kept running over and handled her, then continued to give a good old fashioned thumping to her. A few people going by detected this and called the police. As the police were pulling him away in binds he thought back and said, “I thought you’d be harder than that, Batman.”

Four Corners

There is a major room with four corners. In the main corner, you discover Superman. In the second corner you discover Batman. In the third corner you discover Spiderman. What’s more, in the fourth corner you discover a to a great degree canny, 100% regular blonde lady with a stunning ultra-dainty magazine-model figure. In the focal point of the room there is a pot of gold.

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