Most Funny Hillary Clinton Jokes That’ll Make Any Democrat Cry Out Loud

Funny Bill and Hillary Clinton Pictures

Hillary Clinton jokes are beginning to turn out now that she’s running for president. We’ve gathered the most amusing jokes about Hillary Clinton that we could discover. We bet that it will make any Democrat cry out loud.

Q: Who are cats going to vote for in November?
A: Hillary Kitten

Q: What do you call an Iowan who hates Hillary?
A: A CORNservative

If Hillary Clinton has a mandate to do anything, it’s to raise Donald Trump’s taxes

Q: What do Monica and the Carolina Panthers have in common?
A: They both blew it

Q: Did you hear about the 11th Commandment Hilary Clinton introduced?
A: Thou shall not expose thy rod to thy staff.

Q: Why did Bill Clinton quit the saxophone?
A: So he could play that Whore-Monica.

Q: Why is Hillary getting ready for an 8-year term?
A: Because her vision is 2020

The Democrats have nominated a woman to be president, let’s just hope she isn’t over the Hill.

Q: Why shouldn’t Republicans worry about losing in 2016?
A: Apparently depression is covered by Obamacare

Q: Why does Hillary prefer dogs to Bill Clinton?
A: A dog chases his own tail.

Q: Why should conservatives vote for Hillary?
A: Because a woman’s place is in the White House

Q: How did Snoop Dogg reply to Hillary when she asked for his support?
A: “Fo Shizzle My Hizzle.”

Q: Did you see the Jim Carrey movie about the Benghazi Hearings?
A: It’s called “Liar Liar Pantsuit on Fire.”

Q: What do you call a party with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton?
A: A blast from the past, present, and future presidents

Q: What movie does Hillary watch when she’s in a bad mood?
A: Kill Bill

Q: What does Bill say to Hillary after a romantic interlude?
A: Honey, I’ll be home in 20 minutes

Q: What do you get when you cross a crooked politician with a crooked lawyer?
A: Chelsea

Q: What was Hillary Clinton’s last gift to Monica?
A: Spot Remover.

Q: Why is Hillary Clinton running for President?
A: Because it’s easier than running from Law Enforcement

Q: Why does Hillary want to have sex with Bill Clinton first thing in the morning?
A: She intends to be the first lady.

Q: How did Bill Clinton paralyze Hillary from the waist down?
A: He married her

Q: What is Bill’s definition of safe sex?
A: When Hillary is out of town

Q: Why won’t Hillary let her campaign staffers exercise?
A: She doesn’t want them to “Feel The Bern.”

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