Genie Jokes

Genie Jokes

Conference Joke

Harry was working at a development site when he ran over a jug. He popped it open and out came a Genie. “I gotta caution you,” said the Genie “I’m not that capable but rather I’ll attempt my best.” “Well” said Harry, “I’m attempting frantically to begin another business and I have a critical meeting today evening time with a potential financial specialist… ” “I’ll let you know what,” said the Genie, “and this is all the better I can do. I’ll give you a one time lucky trinket. To begin it say, 123. When you’re set, say 1234.” And with that the Genie was gone in a puff of smoke. Harry couldn’t trust his good fortunes. As he anxiously tied his tie before the mirror, he continued rehashing over in his mind 123, 123, 123. Harry anxiously thumped on the rich man’s office. “Come in,” said the man in a profound forcing voice. Alright, here goes thought Harry to himself as he sat down opposite the man. Before he began he murmured to himself “123”, all of a sudden he knew everything would be OK. He opened up his mouth to begin talking however before he could say anything the man behind the work area agreeably asked, “What did you say 123, for?”

Travel Joke

A more seasoned couple were strolling on a shoreline when the spouse stumbled over a jug and a genie turned out. “You can each have one wish,” said the genie. The wife made her desire first “I might want to go the world over, with my spouse,”. All of a sudden there showed up in her grasp two tickets for go the world over. Presently it was the spouses turn, “Well” said
the spouse, with a mischievous look all over “I wish I can have a more youthful partner,” . The words were scarcely out of his mouth when poof, he matured 20 years!

Mean Boss Joke

The CEO of an extensive organization was strolling to the cafeteria alongside two of his secretaries. After stumbling on a jug, a genie showed up and inquired as to whether they might want to every make a desire. The primary secretary energetically shouted, “I want to be on a shoreline in a tropical island!” Immediately her desire was conceded. The following secretary declared, “I want to be on a voyage through France!” Immediately her desire as well, was allowed. Being that it was currently his swing to make a desire the CEO shouted “I need both of them back in their workplaces directly after lunch!”

Be Careful What You Wish For

A man rubbed a container and a genie turned out, “alright the genie said what’s your desire” The man said “I need all women to love me”, and he transformed into a bar of chocolate.

Great Men Are Hard To Find!

A woman rubbed a container and a genie popped out. “You have one wish” said the genie. “Hey” countered the woman “I thought I get three wishes?” “Not from me” said the genie “I’m not that effective.” “alright” reacted the woman taking out a guide, “I am making a desire for peace between this nation… … .” “I’m truly sad” said the genie, “however I am not sufficiently capable for that.” “That is fine” said the woman, “rather I might want to locate a cool, mindful man, who adores kids, and cooking.” The genie moaned and said “okay… .. give me a chance to see that guide once more.”