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Dumb and Funny Jokes

Dumb Jokes

Here, we have collected some of the greatest Dumb and Funny Jokes for you.These entertaining jokes are so funny that it will not only assure to make you facepalm but also shout out loud at the same time. You will be stunned by some of the dumb jokes and should give credit to the Redditors, because they are extraordinarily very creative.

No Dumb Questions (Except This One)

Just before the end of the year test in 
my school fund class, a not exactly stellar understudy drew closer me.

“Would you be able to let me know what grade 
I would need to get on the exam 
to pass the course?” he inquired.

I gave him the terrible news. “The exam is worth 100 focuses. You would require 113 focuses to acquire a D.”

“Alright,” he said. “Furthermore, what number of focuses would I have to get a C?”

Most astute States

My companion was confounded. She’d perused that in a late study, our home condition of California was positioned 47 in a rundown of the country’s most brilliant states.”Can you trust that?” she seethed. “We’re 47 out of 52!”

Send the Bill to…

Anybody going on business for our organization must round out a cost report. A field on the structure requests “name on Visa.” One Einstein entered “MasterCard.”

Continuously Be Prepared

Seen on a marquee outside the Clinton Correctional Facility, a most extreme security jail in Dannemora, New York: The Dannemora fire office reminds you it’s flame aversion week. Hone your departure arrangement.”

Additional Supervision

While procuring new staff at her open library, my little girl dependably solicits candidates what sort from supervision they’d be most alright with. One virtuoso replied, “I’ve generally believed Superman’s X-beam vision would be cool.”

Useful for Ants

A patio nursery focus client grabs a compartment of bug spray and asks the salesman, “Is this useful for red ants?” “No,” says the businessperson. “It’ll slaughter them!”

Extraordinary Writers

A client at our book shop asked me, “Do you have the first book Romeo and Juliet? My little girl needs it for school, and everything I can discover is the play.”

New Car Wash

My niece was excited to hear that another auto wash was opening up in her neighborhood.”How helpful,” she said.”I can stroll to it.”

Finishing the Test

One time, I needed to tell a competitor that we would not have the capacity to offer him an occupation since his medication test had returned positive and our own was a medication free environment. Following a moment he asked, “Would you be able to let me know which one appeared?”

Ongoing idea

A center school in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, energizes freethinking. A sign outside the school understands, “You are one of a kind—simply like other people.”