The Most Funniest Jokes About Republicans That Will Make You Go ROFL

Republican Jokes

Q: What sort of festivity pays down the national obligation?

An: A casual get-together

Q: What does “Standing Tall for America” mean?

A: Firing your specialists and moving their business to India

Q: Why is exchange with comrade Cuba terrible?

A: Because it brings down our exchange potential with China and Vietnam

Q: Why ought to Creationism be educated in schools?

A: Because it leaves less time to show Global warming and tobacco’s connection to tumor

Q: What do the Republican primaries and the Duggars have in like manner?

A: They both have 19 children and checking

Q: How would you battle the war on fear?

A: By putting down our long-term partners, then requesting their collaboration and cash

Q: What do you get when you offer an individual from the Tea Party a penny for his musings?

A: Change

Q: what number Democrats does it take to tidy up an appalling Bush administration?

An: At slightest two!

Q: What the contrast between a Conservative and the backside of a stallion?

An: I don’t know either

Q: What is the contrast between a Republican ass-kisser and a prude?

A: Depth recognition

Q: What do you call a nitwit who spends their days humiliated by outsiders, Arabs and Bacillus anthracis?

An: A Fox News Viewer

Q: Why weren’t the Republicans behind the decision in the Saddam Hussein Trial several days prior to the 2006 Midterm Elections?

A: Because they were so bustling settling the cost on oil!

Q: What do you call a storm cellar brimming with Conservatives?

An: A cry basement

Q: What do Republicans and porn stars have in like manner?

A: They are specialists in exchanging positions before a camera.

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