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Hospital Jokes

Hospital Jokes

Make the most of our gathering of hospital jokes, after all that is the thing that they are here for!

Hospital Jokes

Pregnancy Joke

Brian’s anxiety level was at superb levels.â His better half Maggie was in the process of giving birth and Brian was certain the time had come to make a beeline for the hospital.â Breathing intensely, Brian snatched the telephone and called the specialist.  “MY WIFE, SHE’S READY, SHOULD WE COME?”  The specialist attempted to unwind the poor individual, “simply attempt to unwind, now let me know what amount of time passes between the contractions?”â “SHIRLEY!”  Brian shouted on the highest point of his lungs,  “The amount TIME IN BETWEEN THE CONTRACTIONS? TEN MINUTES? Alright, TEN MINUTES IN BETWEEN!” “And is this her first youngster?” Questioned the specialist. “NO YOU STUPID NITWIT, THIS IS HER HUSBAND!”

Damage Joke

Did you here about the person who lost his entire left side? He’s okay at this point!

Anxious Dad Joke

“Simply unwind”, the hospital staff continued telling Jim, yet it was without much of any result. Jim’s significant other was in the process of giving birth and Jim was an apprehensive wreck. After what appeared like a week, to both Jim and the hospital staff, a medical attendant turned out with the upbeat news, “it’s a young lady”, she cried. “Say thanks to God, a young lady”, said Jim, “at any rate she won’t need to experience what I just experienced!”

Eye Doctor Joke

I was extremely terrified about setting off to the eye specialist to complete a specific method on my eyes. The specialist attempted to comfort me however without much of any result. It was after he completed with my first eye that I about bounced out of the seat. “There”, he said “stand out eye left!”

Iron Joke

A blondie man went into the crisis room with his two ears smoldered. “What happened?” asked the specialist. “Well”, the man clarified, “my better half was pressing dress, behind my seat while I was sitting in front of the TV. She put down the iron alongside the telephone and when the telephone rang I addressed the iron.” “Wow that is shocking” reacted the specialist, and what happened to your other ear?” “Well” the blondie fellow reacted “Right thereafter, the telephone rang once more!”

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