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I told my girlfriend that it appeared as though she was drawing her eyebrows too high. She looked astonished.


At an eatery one night, the man at the following table was doing whatever is necessary to awe his disappointed date. He delegated an extensive rundown of lifetime accomplishments by expressing, “In any event I can say I have been a Hollywood motion picture maker.”

The lady gestured. “I’ll make a note of that: ‘has-been film maker.'”


I assume it says a lot about the condition of my marriage when I confess to gesturing purposely at a comment made by an associate.

She was letting me know about the passing of another colleague’s companion, when she remarked, “How dismal. They’d been hitched just five years, so I envision despite everything she loved him.”


My beau Hans and I met on the web. Subsequent to dating quite a while, I acquainted him with my uncle, who was interested by the way that we met over the Internet. He solicited Hans what kind from line he had used to lift me up. Ever the nerd, Hans gullibly answered, “I simply utilized a modem.”


In the first year of marriage, the man talks and the lady tunes in.

In the second year of marriage, the lady talks and the man tunes in.

In the third year, they both talk and the neighbors tune in.


A man embedded a commercial in the classifieds: “Wife needed.”

The following day he got a hundred letters. They all said the same thing: “You can have mine.”


Q: Why are men with pierced ears more qualified for marriage?

A: Because they have endured and purchased gems.


Q: What are the 3 essential rings in life?

An: Engagement ring, wedding band, and enduring.


My spouse, an affirmed open bookkeeper, lives up to expectations 15-hour days for the initial couple of months of the year. Disregarding his riotous calendar, he required some serious energy out to request me blossoms for Valentine’s Day. While contemplating what sweet charm to compose on the card, he clearly started thinking about the numerous hours of work still in front of him. His note read: “Roses are red, violets are blue. In the event that I weren’t considering you, I’d most likely be through.”


A man welcomed a lady over to his home for a seven-course dinner.

“That is lovely,” she said. “What are we going to have?”

He said, “A sausage and a six-pack of brew.”