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Funny Pop Culture Jokes

pop culture jokes

Diverse gathering of funny jokes about your most loved superstar. Incredible stories and jokes about Boy Bands, Chuck Norris, Paparazzi, Rehab and Discovery Channel Shark Week.


Q: What do you call the space between Pamela Anderson’s bosoms?

A: Silicon Valley.


Q: Why did the belt get bolted up?

A: He held up some jeans.


Three vampire bats live in a cavern encompassed by three strongholds. One night, the bats wager on who can drink the most blood.

The main bat returns home with blood trickling off his teeth. He says, “See that palace over yonder? I drank the blood of three individuals.”

The second bat comes back with blood around his mouth. He says, “See that château over yonder? I drank the blood of five individuals.”

The third bat returns secured in blood. He says, “See that château over yonder?” alternate bats gesture. “Well,” says the third bat, “I didn’t.”


Shrubbery and BILL

Q: Why arrived such a great amount of perplexity with the Secret Service after George W. Shrubbery assumed control over the White House?

A: President Bill Clinton’s code name was “Mr. Shrubbery.”


Chipotle Quiz

What is Chipotle most known for?

A. Steak Bowls

B. Scrumptious Tacos

C. Chips

D. Burritos

E. Coli



The petting zoo’s an incredible spot to go on the off chance that you need to dispose of your tyke’s apparel in a goat’s stomach.



You wanna see the Grateful Dead? Returned home with me!



Pleasant clothes. I cherish how they stick to one side of your putrefying corpse.


Kanye Moon

Kanye West intrudes on Neil Armstrong’s commemoration benefit and says “Imma let you complete, however Micheal Jackson had one of the best moon strolls of ALL TIME.”


Apple Users

Individuals who use Apple items are always advising you that they utilize Apple items.

Sent from my iPhone.


Yo Mama – One Direction

Your momma is so revolting she made One Direction go another heading.


LeBron Skipping College

Q: Why did LeBron James skip school?

A: Because he would never make it to the finals!


OJ’s Clock

A fellow passes on and goes to paradise. It’s a moderate day for St. Dwindle, in this way, after breezing through the passageway test, St. Dwindle says “I’m not extremely bustling today, why not give me a chance to show you around?” The fellow thinks this is an incredible thought and generous acknowledges the offer. St. Diminish demonstrates to him every one of the sights, the green, the perusing room and library, the perception room, the cafeteria lastly, they go to a HUGE room brimming with tickers. The gentleman asks, “What’s up with these timekeepers?” St. Dwindle clarifies, “Everybody on earth has a clock that shows the amount of time he has left on earth. At the point when a check comes up short on time, the individual bites the dust and goes to the Gates to be judged.” The fellow thinks this bodes well however sees that a percentage of the tickers are going speedier than others. He inquires as to why would that be? St. Diminish clarifies, “Each time a living individual tells a falsehood, it speeds his clock.” This additionally bodes well, so the gentleman takes one final check out the room before leaving and notification one check in the focal point of the roof. On this clock, both hands are turning at a staggering rate. So he asks, “What’s the story with that clock?” “Gracious, that,” St. Diminish answers, “That is OJ Simpson’s clock. We chose to utilize it as a fan!”