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Baseball Jokes

Baseball Jokes for Adults

Baseball Jokes for Adults

The accompanying page comprises of baseball related jokes, clever stories, quips, statement with a double meaning, play on players, and every other sort of diversion identified with basically every part of the sport of baseball.


Nathan: What did the baseball glove say to the ball?

Kyle: I’m baffled.

Nathan: “Look ya up some other time!”


Michael: Why are a few umpires fat?

Andrew: Tell me

Michael: They generally clean their plate!


Weave didn’t trust that Fred’s canine could talk. So Fred asked his puppy, “What’s on top of a house?”

“Rooftop,” the canine yapped.

Sway wasn’t persuaded. So Fred asked the puppy how sandpaper feels.


Regardless he wasn’t persuaded.

“O.K., who was the best baseball player ever?” Fred asked the puppy.


With that, Bob left, shaking his head in dismay. The canine swung to Fred and asked: Was it Hank Aaron?”


Chris: Which baseball player holds water?

John: I don’t have the foggiest idea. Which one?

Chris: The pitcher.


A new kid on the block pitcher was battling at the hill, so the catcher exited to stop for a moment to chat with him. “I’ve made sense of your issue,” he told the pitcher. “You generally lose control at the same point in each diversion.” “When is that?” “Directly after the national song of praise.”


Matthew: How do baseball players stay in contact?

Connor: I don’t have a clue. How?

Matthew: They meet up now and then.


Jon: What’s the contrast between a high-hit baseball and a larva’s dad?

Tom: What?

Jon: One’s a pop fly. The other’s a fly pop.


Riddler: A man leaves home, makes a left turn, makes another left, then another left turn and goes home once more. When he returns home there are two men wearing veils sitting tight for him. Who are they?

Batman: I haven’t a sign.

Riddler: The catcher and the umpire.


Administrator: Our new infielder expense $10 million. I call him our “Marvel Player.”

Fan: Why’s that?

Director: Every time he plays, I ask why I tried to get him.


Why did the baseball player close down his site?

He wasn’t getting any hits!


Why are baseball games during the evening?

Since bats rest amid the day!


Why are insects great baseball players?

Since they know how to catch flies!


Why is it so blustery at Candlestick Park?

Due to all the Giant Fans!


Why was Cinderella kicked out of the baseball game?

She fled from the ball!


Why did the cop go to the baseball game?

Somebody stole a respectable halfway point!


What did the baseball glove say to the ball?

Look you up some other time!


What has 18 legs, spits, and gets flies?

A baseball group!


Why do young ladies like baseball?

It’s the main game played on a precious stone!


What did Confucius think baseball was an entertaining diversion?

Since man with four balls no can walk!

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