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American Football Jokes

american football jokes

American Football Jokes for Kids

American football jokes that score. Hail Marys, longshots, gut-busters up your center. Three yards and a billow of chuckles. Touchdown!


I was playing Fifa before, and found that Chicago had a group called Chicago Fire.

I was disturbed, envision naming your games group after the most exceedingly bad occasion in your city’s history.

You don’t see the New Orleans Katrinas, the Boston Massacres, the Oklahoma Bombings, the San Francisco Big Ones, or the New York Jets…


The capabilities for a lineman are to be huge and stupid. To be a back, you just must be idiotic.

– Knute Rockne


Kinda feel awful for Tim Tebow. Did a considerable measure in Denver. Be that as it may, now and then you simply need to give up a virgin.

– Rick Reilly


I give the same halftime discourse again and again. It works best when my players are superior to the next mentor’s players.

– Chuck Mills


He’s not a humane individual by any means, from what I get it. What’s more, that makes me need to simply pound some individual.

– Emmitt Smith, on Redskins proprietor Daniel Snyder


Football is simple in case you’re insane as hellfire.

– Bo Jackson


So why it is our game that needs to get its name changed to soccer?

I mean how idiotic of me to believe that a diversion played utilizing an item that isn’t even circular, that is tossed around and conveyed utilizing the hands ought to be called something besides football!