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The 24 Hilarious One Liner Alligator Jokes To Cheer You Up

alligator jokes

Some people fear alligators, but some people love them a lot.  If you know someone who loves alligators, then let them hear this 24 hilarious one liner alligator jokes to brighten up there day. Q: What do you call a reptile that works on a farm? A: An irri-gator. Q: Why shouldn’t you taunt an alligator? A: Because …


Dirty Riddles That Are So Dirty You’ll Need To Wash Your Brains

Dirty Jokes And Riddles For Adults

The solutions to these apparently dirty riddles for adults aren’t exactly what they look like. Give them a try and see simply how dirty your mind is. Warning – be conscious these riddles are most effective suitable for adults, not for children. What does a man have in his trousers that a lady doesn’t want …


42 Shower Jokes To Make Your Partner Laugh in a Bath Tub

Funny Jokes About Bathroom And Shower

Do you want to make your partner laugh in a bath tub? Here are 42 shower jokes to make your partner laugh in a bath tub. What happened to the tiger who took a bath three times a day? After a week he was spotless! Are you going to take a bath? No, I’m leaving …


A Collection of Jokes About Friends to Make You Laugh

Jokes About Friends

If you sit down all the way down to think, you may find out that friends are the cause for a bigger percentage of the pleasure that we get out of existence. Friendship Day is that time that joyous occasion that adds to our happiness by way of presenting us with the opportunity to have …


Hottest Summer Jokes To Double The Fun At Beach

Summer Jokes

After a reputedly infinite wintry weather, it looks as if summer is in the end on its way. But sunny skies and growing temperatures do extra than make our environment a pleasant place. They additionally offer a few very massive advantages to our health and properly being. If you are going to the beach, then …

Work Jokes

35 Internet Jokes That Any Computer Nerd Will Completely Understand

jokes about internet and computer

Soon bundled together with an internet connection and will be selling related products: sunglasses, duck, rubbing ointment for bedsores Two schoolboys: – Why you yesterday was not in school? Where were you? – In the opera. – So, do you like it? – Great browser! Life is a complicated thing: some gave up the slack, …

Yo Momma Jokes

24 Pokemon Yo Mama Jokes That’ll Any Fan Go Crazy

Pokemon Yo Mama Jokes

Yo Mama so fat, when she wears a green coat people shout out ‘SNORLAX’! Yo Mamas so fat she used splash and the planet split in two. Yo mama so fat alakazam tried to use telekinesis on her and got a hernia. Yo mama so fat she asks Snorlax for dieting advice Yo momma so …

Yo Momma Jokes

12 Silly, Uplifting Yo Mama Jokes That’ll Get You A Laugh On Demand

Uplifting Yo Mama Jokes

We like Yo Mama jokes as a great deal as the subsequent man, however they’re constantly so mean. In honor of Mother’s Day, we determined to put a more uplifting spin on the classic Yo Mama installation with the Positive Yo Mama meme. Go beforehand and use such a one-liners to your mother nowadays to permit her recognise how a great deal you appreciate her.